Designing and manufacturing wire and cable stripping tools

since 1984

We design, develop and manufacture high quality wire and cable stripping tools for professional use in the electrical, electronic and telecommunications industries. Our innovative hand tools solve the problems associated with stripping all types of cables and wires; to help our customers make the best of connections.

Quality, it's in the details

All of our high quality stripping tools are designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 standards to ensure our customers have to hand some of the finest wire and cable stripping tools available.

From the design stage through to production our modern quality control systems guarantee that our tools are manufactured and assembled using the finest materials available.

Customisation is our speciality

Our skilled workforce work closely with our customers to create customised tooling solutions that are specific to their requirements. If you have an application that requires customised tooling - then from early stage prototyping through to high volume production, we have the facilities and capabilities to satisfy your needs.